Who We Are


This is an exciting time to be a member of First Presbyterian Church, and to recognize our shared opportunity to give back to the church which means so much to each of us.

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There are numerous other ways to give to First Presbyterian Church.  Some ways include:

  • Annual Pledge Campaign
  • Capital Campaign
  • Designated Gifts
  • First Presbyterian Church Endowment
  • Planned Giving
    • Life Insurance - Life insurance no longer needed for your family’s security may be given to First Presbyterian Church, providing a current tax deduction for the cash value of the policy.
    • Life Income Plans - There are a number of ways you can make a gift to First Presbyterian Church and provide income for yourself and a family member during your lifetimes. These gifts may provide both current tax benefits and estate tax savings. They also free you from financial management concerns. Two examples are the Charitable Gift Annuity and the Charitable Remainder Trust
  • Sponsorship of Haitian Child - through our Outreach partner, Bethlehem Ministry.
  • Charitable Bequests
  • Memorials

If you want to consider other giving options or would like more information on the options mentioned here, please contact Roger Burbage by email  or phone (706-548-8953).  We strongly urge our donors to work closely with their professional advisors to determine the most advantageous charitable estate plan for them.