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Our Staff

Over the years, First Presbyterian Church of Athens has been blessed with talented staff members who have committed themselves completely to the ministries they serve. Our staff members are chosen due to the experience they bring to our church and their sincere desire to serve our congregation and surrounding community. Please feel free to contact any of our pastoral or support staff with any questions or comments you may have.


Staff Member Church Phone Number Email Address
 Senior Pastor
 Dr. W. Glenn Doak
 706-543-4338 x201  Email Glenn Doak
 Associate Pastor
 Dr. Carol Strickland
706-543-4338 x205  Email Carol Strickland
 Parish Associate
 Dr. John L. Kipp
 706-543-4338 x203  Email John Kipp
 Parish Associate
 The Rev. Bob Googe
 706-543-4338  Email Bob Googe
 Director of Christian Education
 Ms. Misse Mallino
 706-543-4338 x212  Email Misse Mallino
 Church Administrator
 Mr. Roger Burbage
 706-543-4338 x204  Email Roger Burbage
 Director of Music and Organist
  Dr. John Coble
 706-543-4338 x216  Email John Coble
 Director of Youth Ministries
 Mrs. Kim Ness
 706-543-4338 x207  Email Kim Ness
 Director of Weekday School
 Mrs. Elaine Johnson
 Email Elaine Johnson
 Administrative Assistant
 Mrs. Jessica Beaver

706-543-4338 x211

Email Front Desk

 Administrative Assistant
 Membership Records
 Ms. Lucy Bell
 706-543-4338 x202  Email Lucy Bell
 Communications Specialist
 Ms. Emily McBride

 706-543-4338 x217

 Email Emily McBride
 Accounting Assistant
 Mrs. Laura McHugh
 706-543-4338 x208  Email Laura McHugh
 Administrative Assistant
 Weekday School
 Mrs. Marie Evans
 Email Marie Evans