Who We Are
Scottish Reformation Sunday

Scottish Sunday is observed each year on the first Sunday in May.  Local and state elected officials are invited to attend and are recognized in the service prior to  the "Blessing Prayer for Public Officials."  the worship service for the day follows the service from the "Old Scottish Prayer Book" used by John Knox.  The service includes a Procession led by the bagpipes and drums, the choir, clergy, and honored guests.

Sometimes called the "Kirkin' o' the Tartan," this Scottish service began in America in 1941 and was led by the late Dr. Peter Marshall, a Scottish-born Chaplain of the United States Senate and former pastor of New York Avenue Presbyterian Church in Washington, D.C.  This day celebrates both Americans of Scottish descent and the beginning of the Scottish Reformation and the Presbyterian Church by John Knox in 1559.

Older Adult Sunday

Every September, we devote a service to remember, honor, and celebrate older adults and their service to First Presbyterian Church.