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Our Sanctuary's custom-build Schantz organ.
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Throughout Biblical history, music has played an important role in Christian worship. The Bible repeatedly mentions music and singing as forms of praise and worship. At First Presbyterian Church, we believe that music is a means of praising God and is one of the most beautiful and richest expressions of God's word and prayer. Through music, all of God's people unite in prayer and worship.

The Ministry of Music at First Presbyterian enjoys a long and outstanding tradition as leaders of our worship. Singers in our Chancel Choir provide musical leadership for our 11:00 a.m. services and for special services and programs of major choral works. Our graded choir program includes choirs for children and youth, grades four through high school. The Mellows minister through music weekly to senior adults at home or in various facilities throughout the community. Instrumentalists are also an important part of our music ministry and include their playing wind, string, percussion, guitar and keyboard instruments in various ensembles and services.

You may want to consider developing and using your God-given gift of music by joining one of our choirs or by playing an instrument. We have many opportunities for involvement and hope you will join us.

The Schantz Organ

Our musical heart at First Presbyterian Church received a new beat in 2002. We replaced the organ installed in 1900 with a magnificent Schantz pipe organ. Each Schantz pipe organ is a unique instrument crafted to serve the special musical requirements it is called upon to fulfill.

Painstaking attention to detail was applied to all aspects of the design, physical layout, tonal composition, construction, installation and tonal finishing ensuring that the instrument met the Schantz Company's exacting standards. Each component of the organ's mechanism underwent rigorous testing before being installed in the instrument.

Truly a breathtaking masterpiece, this organ provides our worship service with beautiful music. Come experience our new musical heartbeat and enjoy its splendor as together we worship God.

For more information about the Music Ministry, or for answers to any questions you may have, please contact our Directer of Music, Dr. John Coble.

Last Published: February 12, 2015 11:15 AM