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Interfaith Hospitality Network of Athens

IHN LogoFirst Presbyterian Church is a founding host congregation of Interfaith Hospitality Network of Athens. The network, consisting of 12 host congregations and a number of support congregations, provides "immediate shelter and guidance to homeless families with children, due to the impact of misfortunes upon their lives. IHNA provides food, shelter, daycare, and transportation as needed. IHNA helps to create structure out of chaos by creating a goal-oriented plan so that those desperately in need can focus beyond daily survival, to a life of stability" (Quotation from IHNA web site).

IHN Host Weeks

Every 12 weeks, our church hosts from one to three homeless families in our church building for a week. We turn Sunday School classrooms into bedrooms, serve breakfast and dinner, stay in the building overnight with our guests, and provide transportation in IHN's van.  Each week's events are chronicled at First Presbyterian's blog, which you read here.

2014 Host Weeks at First Presbyterian Church

March 23 - 30

June 15 - 22

August 3 - 10

October 19 - 26

IHN Training

All IHN volunteers must attend an IHN training session, except for those in jobs that don't come in contact with our guests. Those doing only set-up, take-down, laundry, and meal preparation do not need to attend training. Everyone else does.

Training sessions will be scheduled starting approximately two weeks before our next Host Week.

If you have been trained in the past, you do not need to attend training again.

Host Week Jobs

There are more than 70 individual jobs to be done during an IHN Host Week. Some people take on more than one job, such as driving the van several days, so we end up with about 45 to 50 people working as volunteers during the week.

There's a description of what the various jobs entail here.

Contact the IHN Coordinating Team

Kitty Donnan

Denise Horton

Terry McRae

Erik Ness

Susan Thackray

Madeline Van Dyck

Contact either Kitty Donnan,  or Denise Horton, for more information or to volunteer.